Performance can quickly become an obsession. A fire that burns deep in the DNA of
competitors. It's what fuels the unquenchable thirst to be faster, stronger, better. And it's been
the driving force behind Speedplay pedals since day one. When we first analyzed conventional
pedal design, we saw gaping holes in functionality and huge opportunities to capture untapped
power. So we created a radically new pedal system from scratch. And from its raw beginnings,
it worked. Racers took notice. They rode. They talked.

We listened.
For 20 years that ongoing dialogue between elite riders and obsessive designers has propelled
Speedplay to the top of our game and to the top of podiums worldwide. The Tour de France.
Giro d'Italia. Vuelta a España. Paris-Roubaix. The Five Monuments of Cycling. World Road,
Time Trial and Triathlon Championships. And countless others. From the globe's most famous
races to the daily rides of cyclists everywhere, Speedplay puts performance first.

At Speedplay, we didn't set out to improve conventional pedal designs. We knew immediately that the only way to make a substantive leap in pedal performance was to reinvent the entire system. So we did, and the results speak for themselves. From cleat to spindle, no other pedal combines so many design breakthroughs into such a light, intuitive, high-performance system.
DUAL-SIDED PERFORMANCE – With our revolutionary dual-sided design, there's no fumbling, kicking or searching for the "right" side of the pedal. Just step down on the self-locating cleat and you're in.
LIGHTER WEIGHT – By locating the retention mechanism in the cleat instead of the pedal, we were able to offer dual-sided performance without the weight of redundant mechanisms.
SECURE ENGAGEMENT – Speedplay's true-locking retention mechanism isolates spring tension from locking security. Entry and exit is easy, but unintentional release is virtually impossible. And unlike plastic, the metal-to-metal contact edges of Speedplay's engagement mechanism ensure high-mileage durability.
KNEE-FRIENDLY FLOAT – Unlike pedals that torque your knees with self-centering spring tension, the float in Speedplay pedals was designed to let your knees and ankles follow their natural paths through the pedal stroke.
MICRO-ADJUSTABLE FLOAT – Speedplay Zeros and Syzr pedal systems allow rotational
float to be micro-adjusted throughout the float range or set to a fixed position. The random
rotational "slop" and ambiguous connection that pass for float in other pedals and cleats simply
can't compare.
MAXIMUM CLEAT ADJUSTABILITY – No other pedal system offers fore-aft, side-to-side
and rotational foot positions that can each be adjusted independently. These precise fit settings
can then be identically matched when installing replacement cleats.
LARGER PLATFORM SIZE – Pedal size does not equal platform size. The contact area between
the shoe and cleat, plus the stability of the interface, is what truly matters. Speedplay Zero, Light
Action and X Series pedals provide an ideal platform that's up to 25% larger than other brands.
IMPROVED CORNERING CLEARANCE – The slim profile of the Speedplay pedal design
offers the best cornering clearance available, so you can corner at higher speeds without clipping
your pedals.
BETTER POWER TRANSFER – Speedplay offers the lowest stack height available of any
pedal system, keeping your shoe closer to the spindle for optimal power transfer.
MORE AERODYNAMIC – Wind tunnel tests show the reduced frontal area and streamlined
profile of Speedplay pedals can save up to 33 seconds per hour – equivalent to the speed gained
when switching from a standard front wheel to a deep-profile, aerodynamic front wheel.
EASIER MAINTENANCE – Every Speedplay pedal has a convenient grease port that makes
routine maintenance a snap.
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